How to access Sticky Notes on Windows 10 From Anywhere

Android may have Google Keep, but Windows 10 has Sticky Notes, an near perfect virtual replica of our physical Post It notes. We may have several things on our mind while working and Sticky Notes acts as a perfectly viable extension. It can keep track of your work progress, reminders for while you’re at work and the sort. You can enable them to start on launch and have them pinned to your taskbar. Sticky Notes are extremely handy when it comes to copying URLs, hyperlinks, email address, and several work related information.

Since the app is Windows only, it helps to make sure you have access to Sticky Notes. Unlike Keep, it isn’t accessible on other platforms. There are two ways you can do this.

1) Use your Microsoft account
If you use a Microsoft account on your Windows PC, there’s a simple way to retrieve your contents on Sticky Notes. Make sure that Sticky Notes is connected to your Microsoft account. You can use another Windows device to obtain all the information stored in the app.

Open Sticky Notes. If you have pinned it to the taskbar, that’s great. If you haven’t, use the search bar next to the Start button to type Sticky Notes. Once opened, click on the Settings icon, which is a gear. If you haven’t signed into it yet, sign in using your Microsoft Account.

Next, visit this link –

It’ll ask for your Microsoft credentials, log in and it’ll redirect you to the page where you can access your information. You can further edit them, which will reflect on your original Windows PC.

2) Exporting and Importing
This method would be ideal if you have permanently stored information and you need a backup of it elsewhere. It’s best if you have a cloud storage such as Google Drive as there is always a copy of it whenever you wish to download. To do this, you have bring in the Run command by pressing Win+R. Then paste the following into the text box:

It’ll open the Microsoft Sticky Notes folder, and within this you can spot a file named “plum.sqlite”. Upload this file to your cloud storage. Once complete, open your cloud storage account on another Windows PC. Download the file you uploaded and visit the same location on the other PC –


Now, paste the “plum.sqlite” file into the folder. Open Sticky Notes and you’ll find that all data has been copied into the current system.
Therefore, an apt way to ensure a backup of your important information. The one in your cloud also acts as a backup so that you can access it on any Windows PC.


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