America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum leaves the show

Heidi Klum, America’s Got Talent judge, together with Mel B, has decided to leave the show. She claims how that is for the good of everyone.

When asked if she has experienced some issues with someone, Klum claimed how she just has tons of other obligations and how it would be very hard for her to complete all the obligations in her schedule. Mel B has confirmed that information as well.

Numerous speculations were made about the real reason why this supermodel has decided to leave the show, but she claims how there is no hidden reason behind her decision. Yes, we all know how when it comes to celebrities people make up a lot of different and false stories.

Yet, there is one story that has caught our attention. Heidi Klum is actually working on another project. She wants to create a new reality show series together with her partner from ‘Project Runway’. If you didn’t know, she has left that show as well.

Overall, we can see some big decisions in Klum’s life. She is probably preparing something huge and amazing for us. That is probably why her schedule is so overbooked.

Do you like this show? Will it be different without her?


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