Jane Fonda Is 80 and Still Conquering Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Another season of Grace and Frankie is just around the corner and Jane Fonda claims how she has no plans to slow down at any moment! She has talked with her biographer and claimed how she is as well very excited about staring in the Book Club.
This amazing lady is constantly doing something exciting in her life. When we have caught her with a purpose to find out some of her life secrets, Fonda was decorating her new luxurious apartment in L.A.
Jane Fonda claims how the most important things she has in life are definitely her health and her jobs. Fonda got the attention back in 70’s when she made that brave and wonderful speech against the Vietnam War. After that has passed, Jane got two Oscars, one for Coming Home and one for Klute.
This most iconic Hollywood’s actress claims how it was really important for her to stay politically engaged through all her career. Filming Book Club in the summer of 2018 where we were able to see her so happy made us happy as well. At that time she has worked with her colleague Robert Redford in Venice. After that has passed as well, Jane Fonda turned 80! How is she still looking that stunning?
She claims how it is a challenge to stay stunning when you turn 80 (we are not surprised to hear that, we must admit). Jane has also admitted how she had plastic surgery. Hollywood is a ‘cruel’ place, and actresses must do a lot of things if they even want to stay in the business.
Fonda claimed how they gave her one more decade to be in the business. That was the moment she decided to go to that plastic surgery. Besides the surgery, the iconic actress says how she puts a lot of money in her looks. At least, she is not lying to us like numerous other celebrities.
When asked what she is most pleased about, Jane answered how that would definitely be Grace and Frankie, her Netflix series, which have just started the season four.
As we have heard already, Jane Fonda has one more decade in the business. We have also asked her if she has some special plans. The iconic actress claims how she doesn’t have some particular plans, but how she will literally accept any acting role.
Overall, Jane Fonda is definitely one amazing and strong woman. Aging cannot affect her. That’s a fact.


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